About Us


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We are a visual solutions company based in Stratford Upon Avon, Warwickshire and cover the length and the breadth of the country.

Our specialism is photography, videography and drone media of property for estate agents, architects and property developers.


In describing ourselves as a 'visual solutions' company, what we mean is that property based media is not the only type of work we do. 


We prefer to find and create solutions to our client's needs, tailoring the work to their needs, the list of services we provide is always growing.



My name is Louis Courtney, I am the owner and main photographer/videographer at Louis Courtney Photography LTD. 

'Louis Courtney Photography' worked well for many years in describing what I did. 

Now in 2021 it will soon change to 'Louis Courtney Visuals' or better still, a non eponymous name to better reflect......


Having grown as a company and to keep up with client's needs, I am proud to now be able to refer to the company using...

 'we' and 'us' 

Having hired some amazing people. 

More on the team can be read on the 'about the team' page