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Cozy Pots Test Page

Spencer, Adrian, Web Team.

I thought this page would be useful to demonstrate and compare the various ways 360° images can be delivered and integrated.

The main option is between me processing and hosting the files for you, delivering URLs and embed codes of finished 360° images.


I deliver a folder containing the images needed to produce a 360° which you would then host on your CMS and use an integration solution to process into a 360°. 

If I process and host for you, there are two platforms I can use, Spinzam (free) or WebRotate/PixRiot (additional fees)


Spinzam is the system I have used up until now and have been very happy with, it's quite basic but does not watermark the images or charge for hosting, which is rare. It creates clean 360° images with URLs and iframe embed codes for easy integration with your website. It is however producing a moire pattern on some of the CozyPots fabrics, most noticeable in the denim jacket example below. 

WebRotate360/PixRiot is a premium platform/software combo I have been trialling, the main difference is that instead of the processing happening remotely, the software processes the files locally, producing a cleaner output without the moire issue. The deliverable is a folder containing both images and the code (screenshot below) ready to be hosted on your own CMS or on PixRiot,  their own optimised hosting solution. 

Note - The WebRotate example on the right (on mobile it is the 2nd example) has been integrated with this site using PixRiot, using an embed code. This is because my site runs on Wix, which cannot support the folder structure needed for self hosting.


This page on their site outlines their multiple plug-ins for the most common web platforms


If you do choose to host and process the files yourself, WebRotate360 can produce a folder containing both images and the code needed to integrate with your website. 

This is an example of a standard deliverable, a single folder per product containing the images needed. 

Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 20.25.32.png

This is an example of a deliverable using WebRotate360. 

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